And, He's Sick AGAIN!!!!!!

My poor little baby just can't catch a break. He started coughing a little on Saturday, more on Sunday and then the nasty nose kicked in with a bunch of crabbiness thrown in the mix. Fun.
So, off to the doctor we went on Wednesday. Thankfully his ears are fine however, there is some crackling in his left lung which could possibly be pneumonia. Fun.
The nebulizer has been dragged out of the closet and the amoxicillin has found it's way back into our fridge. Fun.
As of this morning, he seems to be back to his goofy, hungry little self so to that I say Thank You Albuterol and Amoxicillin.


Swanson Family said...

Oh no.
Bree has the same thing going on again, I wonder if it is just the time of year? and our kids are prone to it? We also pulled the nebulizer out, I am hoping it will keep us out of the Dr office, but not so sur as it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Give Brett an extra hug for me today, I hope he is better by the weekend!

jenny said...

oooh! i hope he is better soon. tucker is just getting over ear infections, but now has come up with a cough/runny nose. super! poor kiddos!

happy mother's day! :)