A Little Get-Away......

This past Thursday, my mom and I loaded up the boys and took off on a road trip to Michigan. We went to visit my great-grandmother. Colton has met her once for her 95th birthday and Brett (who's middle name his her last name) has never met her. The boys did fantastic in the car. We only made a couple of stops as we cruised through 4 states in one day.
Here's the boys with their great-great grandmother who will be 98 in September.
It was fascinating listening to all her story's and trying to capture as much history as I possibly could. Now that my grandmother has passed away, she's basically the only one who answer all my questions.

The boys stayed busy feeding the fish, playing croquet, blowing bubbles and taking walks. Oh and don't worry - the boat was docked right on shore in about 1 foot of water....that's why the kids don't have life jackets on.
On the way home, we stopped at Lake Michigan. When we got there, Colton made the comment "this is what I thought Michigan would look like."
We spent the night at Wisconsin Dells so the boys could swim and burn off some energy. We avoided both the huge storms that rolled through - luckily!!


jenny said...

i just have to say your great-grandma looks AMAZING! glad the trip went well. wisconsin dells even - my hubby would be jealous! :)

Swanson Family said...

OKay, there is NO WAY she is 98, NO WAY! LEah you are going to be one HOT Grandma someday! HOLY CATS she looks great.

and you are a great wife and mother to head away for many days with two kids, go through 4 states, stop and do fun things... I am jealous b/c I would never do anything like this. Maybe I will have to have Ty and Bree go on a trip with you and the kids. I will pay you, I promise!

Jaime said...

Good trip! Good pictures! And, great grandma looks amazing!!

Jaci said...

What a great memory for you and the boys, and your mom! I bet Colton will be talking about the Dells (and great-gramma) for a long time! And knowing you, you captured many a photo for the 'ol scrapbook to keep the memory alive.

Very cute. And I agree with all the ladies, your great grandmother looks fabulous. Great genes.


Jill said...

I just logged on to comment the same thing. You're great-grandma doesn't look a day over 70! And it has got to be hard that she had to live through the death of her own daughter...parents always say "We should go first" but when you're 98, you unfortunately have to live through the deaths of many loved ones.

Looks like you had a lot of fun. Glad the boys were so good for you, but I'm sure it helped having your mom with.

South American Sara said...

Wow, What an amazing great grandmother! Your later years are looking good. Congratulations on a fun, successful car tripo. It can't be easy spending that much time in the car with two small boys.