I had this past week off of work. It. was. awesome. Daycare also had the week off so the boys and I spent some quality time playing around. We hit up Como Zoo on Monday. We spent a lot of time hanging out by the Gorillas! On Thursday morning we loaded up the car and went to see Grandma Sue and Grandpa Mike up north. Lots of time spent outside enjoying Bay Days and eating dozens of "coooookies."
They had some kid games on Saturday morning. Colton was all over it. He found $5.00 in 50 cent pieces in this lovely hay stack.

This little guy wasn't into the games....he was too busy enjoying his candy.
Not to brag, but Colton and I came in first in the kid/parent three legged race. Oh yeah, you read that right. I figured I'd just take it nice and slow so we wouldn't wipe out. Five seconds into the race, Colton starts yelling at me to "run faster." So I did. And we won.


lib said...

sweet, maybe we'll have to go up next year for it...i can just picture you in the 3 legged race. how was competition? ;)
did you check out the new lounge?

Swanson Family said...

TOo cute. I am glad you were able to enjoy the week off with the kids with nice weather and things to do.