What We've Been Up To.....

It's been a busy week. Thursday my mom and step-dad came down to spend the weekend with us to help celebrate Colton's birthday and Easter. Since Colton didn't have school on Friday, I took the day off to be with him. He wanted to go mini-golfing, so that morning we dropped of his little brother at daycare and we were off to the MOA for 18 holes. We all had a great time. I think our scores were 56, 57, 58, and 60 - it was a close one!
Once we got home, I worked on Colton's cake. Since he requested a Star Wars cake for his kid party, I was able to talk him into letting me do what ever I wanted for his family party. I made a big old birthday cake and for the first time used fondant. Whew. It looks a lot easier than it really is. I had a heck of time rolling it out into a circle shape. I got it a little thin in parts so it did tear a bit when I put it on the cake. I tried my best to cover my errors with the circles.

We had all the family over for dinner. It was a great time. Colton received so many wonderful gifts!

Saturday was our 2nd annual neighborhood egg hunt. Here is Colton with a couple of his best buds before we let them loose.And they're off....
Once all the eggs are found, it gets serious. They wheelin and dealin - trading this for that.

Here are the boys with their loot from the Easter Bunny. Brett got busted a few times throughout the day sneaking candy. We knew what he was up to every time it got quiet!


Swanson Family said...

Awesome Cake!!!! AWESOME! Can you come over and help me with Bree's this year? I am SERIOUS! I will pay you!

Colton, 7, WOW! it looks like you had a very nice day! and a great weekend!


A Day In The Life.... said...

You've got yourself a deal! Except you don't have to pay me....you just get the ingredients and I'll make it.

Jaci said...

Very professional. I am very impressed! Not to mention I dig the color scheme--not traditional, but fun & colorful! KUDOS!