Livin' Life.....

We've been busy just living life and loving it! On the 13th, it was the first day of Sunday School and the first day of any type of school for Brett. Mike and I had been hyping it up for a good week to get him excited. We were a little nervous as our child is very stubborn and if you don't understand him within the first two times of him telling you he loses all self control and gets so upset. He woke himself up at about 7:00am asking Mike if it was "time to go to school yet?" He was only 2 hours early! He got himself "all handsome" and told me we needed to take pictures like we did for his brother. Outside we went.Mike brought the boys and said it was just adorable. Brett went in and sat in a teeny tiny chair, put his hands on his lap and waited. Colton said he sat by him in group so that he wouldn't be scared. When I picked him up, I peeked in the window to see how he was doing. He was sitting very nicely smiling and looking at the teacher. When the door opened, he continued to sit there just waiting as though he didn't want it to be over. Adorable. He saw me and immediately asked me if I liked his crown.......the crown he didn't take off all day. However, this past Sunday, he wasn't quite as excited. He thought it was a one time deal. His exact phrase was, "I don't have to go, I went yesterday." Everything is yesterday in his world. In the end, he went and loved it.

This past Friday we hit up the hometown football game with a few of our neighbors. I just couldn't resist this photo....the neighbor boy, Brett and Colton walking down the street in their football jerseys holding hands.


jenny said...

brett is too cute! i love how he wanted to go get his picture taken like colten before 'school'. :)

love that last picture. oh, how i love high school football sesason - the memories. getting old sucks. haha!

Swanson Family said...

Very sweet. I love that he loves school so much! And I love that last picture. that is perfect!