Moment of Panic....

I had a moment of panic today riding the elevator.
Let me play it out for you.
I'm heading to a meeting in the lower level so I hop on the elevator with two other people on the 6th floor. They push "1" and I push "LL". We're cruising along and the elevator opens at the first floor. They get off and it's just me. The doors close and don't open back up. So many thoughts went through my head in the next 20 seconds....
- oh my god - I'm going to pee my pants. I knew I should have went to the bathroom first, but there's a bathroom right by the room where my meeting was
- well at least I'm by myself and not with a full elevator of strangers with body odor
- I've got a note pad with me, at least I can write my to do list
- should I push the call button now
- how long am I going to be stuck in here
- if I push "door open" what will happen? What if it's all cement wall in front of me, then I'm really going to freak out.

All this while I'm frantically pushing "LL" to get moving.

Had I only gathered my composure I would have realized that the elevator had not moved. At all. For those 20 seconds I thought I was stuck. I thought I was living on edge by pushing the "door open" button. As soon as it opened, I was right were I left off on the first floor. Seriously.

The moral of my story? I should have used the stairs - I could stand to burn a few calories.


Tara said...

ah yes. I also have better luck not finding people with body odor on the stairs as well...unless it's you, which then you've got bigger issues than taking the stairs. :)

Jill said...

HA Ha!!!

Tammy said...

Too funny! When I started reading, my first thought is that the creaky, shaking elevator finally did it - broke down!!! Not to give you elevator-phobia, but doesn't it sound really bad lately?

Swanson Family said...

lol. you crack me up. I am going to take the stairs from now on!

A Day In The Life.... said...

Tammy - I know ~ it's been sounding awful the past month of so. I've had to calm a few uneasy riders lately.

Jaci said...

Um, the only thing I can say is that when you DO get stuck (remember I did?!?) those exact same thoughts roll through your head. Wait. Except that To-Do part. You are cracked. I might have understood "so I could have written a note to slide through the doors." "Told my kids my life story." "Write my will and testament." But to write out your to-do list?!?! FUNNY!!! But anyway. I kept thinking that it was so friggin' hot in there that I'd be found with nothing but my bra and panties on and my clothes soaked full of pee because I had to go so bad!!

And then now when I tell the story about being "TRAPPED in an elevator," it's crept up to like 45minutes. Yeah, it was only 9. But for as long as your 20 seconds felt--I can completely relate, time just stops.

:o) Glad you survived.