Happy 8th Birthday

Today you turn eight. Where does the time go?

*You are a really good kid - most of the time.
*You excel at math and reading
*You love to learn
*You are witty
*You love to play baseball and football
*You love to tease your brother, but you stick up for him if anybody else does
*You have a sweet tooth
*You have a great memory
*You know more about computers than your dad
*You get frustrated when things don't come easy for you
*I love that you still let me hold your hand in public
*I love that you are mine

Happy birthday buddy!


Jill said...

Very sweet! I hope he always lets you hold his hand in public. :)

Hope he had a great day!


Swanson Family said...

so sweet. hard to believe he is 8 already! HAPPY BRITHDAY COLTON!

love the cakes leah! NICE WORK yet again! you are amazing!