4 Wheels to 2 Wheels....

Brett has been asking to take his training wheels off for a couple of weeks. The day finally came and he was so excited. At first. For being a little daredevil, he was extremely cautious when it came to trying to ride his bike. He wouldn't keep going fast enough to keep the bike up no matter how good Mike's pep talk was.

He mastered the "lean" and was trying really hard. See the tongue hanging out? That's when you know he's really concentrating.

He'd make it a few feet and then just stop pedaling. We all know what happens when you stop pedaling and don't put your feet down.

You got it. Wipe out. A handle bar to the ribs.

And he's done. He wouldn't get on the bike again after that. He wanted his scooter.

Guess we'll try again another day.

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Swanson Family said...

The summer is young. lots of time to get this one down before the snow flies! :)