I'm posting this as more of a question than anything else.....
What do other people do when the get the dreaded call from daycare saying they are ill, or they just found out their loved one is now in the ICU and they can't watch your kids today? Mike and I try to trade off when our kids are sick or when we know in advance that daycare will be closed we can make arrangements. I'm talking absolute last minute when you are about to load your kids in the car and the phone rings. I mean really, you can only call in so many times before attendance becomes an issue right?.

PS - at first I thought this was personal as daycare just informed us of how naughty Colton has been the past few days there - okay I never thought that, but just wanted to slip it in.


Tammy said...

Sorry to hear about your daycare troubles! Maybe it's worth checking into daycare centers in the area regarding drop-ins. I think maybe some but not all do that. And just use it as a "back-up plan". There are also those hourly child-care places like Club Kid...I don't think there are any in the area, though.

Hopefully you work is understanding with everthing.

Remember to use your friends, family and playmates, too!

Jaci said...

Hell-oh...why don't the two of us coordinate a little the next time this happens, since your boys & mine go to the same place?!?! Taking the hint from our good friend Marilyn, we could either rotate & watch each other's kids for the day, or figure out a 1/2 day apiece or something--then at least we could get some work done. And we already know that our kids do well together, right?? :o)

However, if you learn any other good tips from posters here, please send them my way too--we were in the same FRANTIC boat on Friday when we got the call.