No. 19......

Another one bites the dust. Number 19 on the big list has been completed. Here's my review of the 4 books that I read:

BOOK #1:

Let's just say that I'm glad that I checked this out at the library and didn't spend a cent on it. Ok, ok, that might be a little harsh as she did go through some traumatic life events. However, all I really remember from the book is her love for Barbara Streisand....snoozer.

BOOK #2:

"Jodi Picoult has written a haunting tragedy of two families. The Pact is rich with suspense and compassion, and it will make people question how well they know their own children. It is an intensely moving novel."
Luanne Rice, author of HOME FIRES

Loved loved loved this book. I couldn't put it down which is typically the case anytime I read one of her books.

BOOK #3:

Picture Perfect: Synopsis
"There is something dark and disturbing behind the picture perfect marriage of anthropologist Cassie Barrett and her movie star husband, Alex Rivers. A study in spousal abuse that will touch your heart from the bestselling author of My Sister's Keeper."

I know, I really should have expanded my horizons and not read 2/4 from the same author, but I just couldn't help it. She sucks me in. This one started a little bit slow for me but about a third of the way in I was hooked. I don't remember seeing my family much when I read this one. Kidding. Kind of.


Never Change by Elizabeth Berg

"A self-anointed spinster at fifty-one, Myra Lipinski is reasonable content with her quiet life, her dog, Frank, and her career as a visiting nurse. But everything changes when Chip Reardon, the golden boy she adored in high school, is assigned as her new patient. Choosing to forgo treatment for an incurable illness, Chip has returned to his New England hometown to spend what time he has left. Now, Myra and Chip find themselves engaged in a poignant redefinition of roles, and a complicated dance of memory, ambivalence, and longing."

This book is a bit older. One my mom gave me that she bought at the SB Library book sale. It was an easy read. I finished it in a couple hours while I "watched" the kids run through the sprinkler and play in the sandbox.

Now my goal is to read a couple of non-fiction books. Any suggestions?


Swanson Family said...

The Innocent Man by Jon Grishm.

jilldaisbrenne said...

I don't read a ton of non-fiction, but these are great: Three Cups of Tea; Eat, Pray, Love; Beatiful Boy. They are all really good, moving true stories.

Good luck!

Emily said...

Hi Leah, It is Emily, Libby Johnson's sister in law. I read her blog and a handful of others sometimes. I really should start my own one of these days! :) I love to read, so thought I'd recommend some non-fictions. Eat, Pray, Love is great as are The Glass Castle and Into Thin Air. Enjoy the reading time! -- Emily

South American Sara said...

I will second Three Cups of Tea. Kabul Beauty School is also very good. Didn't enjoy Eat, Pray, Love as most women I know--she was a little too self-absorbed for me. I enjoyed Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama and given the upcoming elections that may serve as a useful conversation piece at your next adult gathering--or not. :-)

Jaci said...

Can I just say, Ms. South American Sara--you & I must be the only ones with female organs in the world who didn't fricking like Eat, Pray, Love? I just couldn't get into it at all...I agree, totally self-absorbed. But I thought I was the only one, thank you! (Sorry to the ladies who posted above her--I know a gazillion folks love it, nothing personal!)

I only read mystery novels so I can get totally lost in the story & it's all tied up at the end. Any of the "Prey" books by John Sanford are great, and he's a MN author & talks about MN things which is kinda nice.

A Day In The Life.... said...

Sara and Jaci - I have to admit, I tried to read Eat Pray Love. I got about half way through it as I made myself keep reading since I had heard so many fabulous things about it. I just couldn't do it. Whew. I feel better just admitting that. ;)