Not Such A Good Start.......

On the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, we have new employee orientation at work. Monday just happened to be one of those days. So, as usual, my goal is to get to work a little bit earlier to help get everything set up for the day. I'm rushing my kids around the house, telling them to "eat faster, get dressed, go brush your teeth." The typical mom stuff.
We're standing in the entry way - shoes on, lunches in hand - and I cannot find my keys. I start running around looking in the two places that I always have them. Then I remember that last night I had asked Mike to go and roll up my windows and lock up the car. So I try to call him to see where he put them. I dial up his cell phone.....then I hear it ringing. Great. He doesn't have his phone with him. I remember where the spare set is, so I grab it and off we go.
I get the kids buckled into their seats. I open up the passenger door to set everything down and there they are. My keys are in the ignition. Turned on just enough to get the windows rolled up. Lovely. Just lovely. I'm pretty sure I cuss Mike's name under my breath (which later I forgive him as I know he didn't do it on purpose - had to explain that to Colton). I cross my fingers and try to start the car. Nope. Nadda. Nothing.
I look around the neighborhood. Crap. Who's a girl suppose to call at 6:19 in the morning?! I end up calling my neighbors:
"Bruce, I'm so sorry to call you this early. My car won't start. Would you be willing to give me a jump?"
"Sure, no problem, just give me a minute and I'll be right out."
Now keep in mind that Bruce works from home and isn't needing to be up at dawn's crack.
He and his wife come out and insist that I take their car. I try to refuse as I don't want them to be in a hardship for my benefit. When all is said and done, I drive off in their car with the kids.
During the time that I'm at work, Bruce jumps my car, lets it run. All is well. Starts it up again later with no problems.
So, now it's Tuesday. I'm getting the kids ready, Mike has already left for work. I go out and get the kids into their seats. I go and sit down in the drivers seat and try to move the seat forward. Nothing happens. Are you kidding me?!!
I unpack the kids, tell them to go inside while I ponder what to do. Can I really call my neighbors two days in a row at 6:30 in the morning? So I do. I let it ring 4 times and then quickly hang up. I turn the phone back on to call Mike and there is Bruce on the other end of the phone. I apologize over and over ask him to give me a jump. Instead I head off to work in their car again for the second day in a row. Susan tells me that she will just bike to work today. I tell her not so much. I will be home in time for you to drive. It is raining out after all.

I am thankful for having neighbors that are willing to help me out in my time of need without even thinking twice about it. They are such giving people.


beejo said...

that is SO nice! i definitely miss having neighbors sometimes, living out in the country.

jenny said...

man - you've been having some luck! i'm glad you have neighbors that are willing ot help you out in a jam! :)

Swanson Family said...

OMG, that sucks for you...is there an inside light on that you don't know about that made it do it 2 days in a row? Crazy! your neighbors are so nice, SO NICE. I hope if that ever happens that I would do that for someone...not so sure though! :) HA HA!

Jill said...

Do Bruce and Susan consume alcoholic beverages? Because ALL THREE of you (and yeah, I guess Mike too :) ) need to go and sit down tonight and have yourselves a beer!

Even though I know you feel bad like you're bothering them, know that you and Mike would return the favor in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

You'll pay them back...at some point or another.

Hope all is well with the car.

Jaci said...

Oooh, to read all about it, when I saw you pull up in a white car at Judy's that morning--I knew something was up. Poor thing. I am glad you got things going & have such awesome neighbors. My goodness.

And BTW: Monday Morning Orientations. BLLLEEECHHH. :o)