Back at the end of October we got ourselves a nice, new computer. She's a beauty. Until Wednesday that is. Something happened and I have no idea what, but I cannot get on the Internet. I get a message that says "Internet Explorer has stopped working." What?! Where can I get me a message like that so I can stamp it across my forehead when I want to "stop working"???
Thankfully my neighbor is an IS guy and is willing to check things out for me tomorrow. So in the meantime, I'm on our old computer (and I do mean old, pretty sure this is one of Dell's first creations) which is slower than slow, but at least it hasn't decided to "stop working. "
I hate computer problems....probably worse than I hate car problems.
Where is that bottle of wine. Kidding. Well, kind of.

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jenny said...

i hate computer issues almost as much as i hate old computers! haha! hope you get it resolved soon.