Tis The Season.....

I really don't get stressed. I figure it is what it is and find a way to deal with it. There is one tiny little thing that comes about each year that does cause my stress meter to rise just a tinge....The Christmas Card Photo.
I'm not all about trying to get the "perfect" family photo. But I'd like it to look somewhat decent right?
I've already got the Christmas gifts purchased, wrapped and under the tree, but I've only just begun to think about what to do for the Christmas Card Photo. Do I just look through all of my pictures from earlier this year and pick one of those? Do I just include the kids? Do I include all of us? Where should we take the picture? What should we wear?
What do you all do?


jenny said...

aaah! the christmas card!

i'm in the same boat. i really wish i already had them done to be sending them out, but i don't. i always want to make something creative, but i don't. i ususally just take a picture (of tucker) and slap it in a template online. i have tried to use a current shot that is wintery/festive. seriously though, i think i'm going to start sending out valentine's day cards instead. so much easier. :)

good luck!

Jill said...

Ask your neighbor to come over one night this week/weekend.
Put clean clothes on the boys, make sure you all coordinate a little bit (no rainbow colors between the four of you) and pose in front of your tree. If Colton is looking at Brett, or if you are looking at Mike....whatever. Candid, comfortable shots are the best, and the best remembered. We want to see you guys--all 4 of you--on the card we hang up at our place. Don't stress about it being the perfect photo. Just go with a comfortable shot and all should be good!