The past two evenings I've been baking cinnamon rolls. From scratch I might add. I'm making them for Christmas gifts and they are freaking delicious. My kids cruised through a pan this morning (I may have provided a little help) and they were hovering around me tonight asking which ones were theirs for breakfast tomorrow.
I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman and they are much easier to make than I anticipated. Give them a whirl, but I will warn you, they are addicting!


Jill said...

YUM! I think you may have to throw one in the freezer and bring to Jaci's in January. Your beezatches would LOVE to try a sample for breakfast after a night of wine and laughs.

Just a thought.

I guess I could get the recipe and make them, too, eh???

jenny said...

they look like the next ten pounds i should gain. sweet! i'll have to try them. :)