Mother's Day....

What a great day it's been! The boys let me sleep in until 8:00!! That. Was. Fan. Tastic.

Brett made me some french toast sticks with special dip in his play kitchen for breakfast. He walked out to the table with plastic french fries (the french toast sticks) and a big bowl of plastic fruit (the special sauce) and told me "Happy Mudder's day...you don't have to do anything today cause you're the pretty in the whole world." It's almost like somebody told him about my previous post!
After Sunday School, we ran a few errands and then I went on a 6.5 mile training walk to break in my new shoes while the boys stayed home and napped.
The boys had homemade gifts for me...so sweet! Coasters with their pictures on them and marigolds grown at school. Perhaps the best gift of all? Somebody wanting to clean my car:
Just to be sure the suction still worked....Happy Mother's day to all you wonderful moms!


Swanson Family said...

sounds wonderful! Happy MD to you!

Jaci said...

He looks JUST like Colton in that last picture, my goodness. Happy Mother's day!