Still Kickin'......

I'm still here. Not very often, but still here.
Life has been very busy the last few weeks. A good busy though.

I'll share some of the things that have kept me off the blog as well as some random thoughts...
  • Prepping for a garage sale fundraiser. I went through every room in our house, our storage areas and the garage to find things we could get rid of. It's just amazing how much stuff you can accumulate over the years. I had 12 big bins full of goodies and much more.
  • The sale was very successful despite the somewhat crappy weather. Between the 2 of us, we raised over $1100!!
  • I made a few observations during the sale. The things that we laughed at were some of the first to sell. The good stuff like the Pottery Barn bedding and shelves were never purchased. We had baked goods there as well. They were bought my the older men and the women with kids. No surprises there.
  • We had a successful beer bust as well. Lots of friends and family helping us raise money for the 3-day event.
  • Baseball has started and Mike is assistant coach. That's twice a week, but very fun.
  • Mike's softball league has started. That's on Wednesday nights. That's usually when I let the kids eat breakfast for dinner and they think I'm cool for letting them do that. The coolness wears off by bedtime though.
  • We attended the wedding of one of my college friends. It was great to have a nice date night with my husband and catch up with people that we don't see all the often.
  • We attended a benefit for the wife of Mike's old boss. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer last September. They did a CAT scan before starting radiation and found the cancer had spread to her liver. Attending the event helps you get your priorities straight. They were raising money so that she could take her kids and grandchildren to Disney. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Cancer can suck it.
  • I'm into week 2 of my online photography class. I love it!
  • We are starting to come up with some fun things to do this summer with our kids. I want to start a tradition with them, but what, I'm not sure. Any suggestions or fun things that you do?
  • I was on a 4 mile training walk tonight with the dog. We got to about mile 3 and it started hailing. That's right. Hailing. On us. It hurt and the dog freaked out. I had to carry her. Luckily I brought my cell phone and Mike came and picked us up.


Swanson Family said...

you are a busy lady!

Jaci said...

$1100 is fantastic!! And you are definitely a busy lady. Can't wait to see you again soon...

Jamie Lee said...

We are in our 3rd year of making our Family Summer Fun List. Each of us gets to put 4 things on the list we want to be sure we do. Some are big, some are as simple as seeing a specific movie. Helps keep you on task AND you can check things off the list. We Type A's must have that satisfaction you know!