Birthday Par-tay!

This past Tuesday was Brett's birthday party. I was only a couple of weeks behind, but he didn't seem to mind. Each year I ask the boys what they would like their cake to be. Luckily for me they haven't picked anything overly elaborate.
Brett wanted his 4th birthday cake to be a monkey. Oh, and it needed to be holding a real banana. When I showed him the finished product, his reaction was, "wow, and he even has a belly button."
I think this picture is cute. I love how Brett's head is tilted as he seems to be listening to his brother's lovely song called Happy Birthday.

Once again, the kid was showered with gifts. There was so much commotion during the actual opening that he inspected everything very thoroughly the following morning.


Swanson Family said...

so fun

Diana said...

Talk about creativity! Cool monkey!(never thought I'd say that...)