Homemade Slushies....

I scored some cool mom points tonight when I showed the kids how to make their own slushies. I got the recipe off another blog, but can't remember which one, so I can't take any credit for creation.
2 cups of ice in a big freezer bag:Add 1/3 cup rock salt (same thing as ice cream salt) to the ice cubes.

Pour liquid of your choice (we chose lemonade) into a sandwich size ziploc bag. I have no idea how much we used. It just depends on how much final product you want.

Place small liquid bag inside the bag of ice and rock salt. Then shake, shake, shake until you have your desired slushy consistency.

Keep shaking. I think it took about 5 minutes, but that was with a few checks to see how things were looking.

Final product:

The kids were amazed!


Swanson Family said...

fun. you are so creative.

Sarah said...

This is awesome! Thanks for the idea!