I got this idea from Jenny over at stickyfeathers. We got back from a family vacation at about midnight last night, I'm up to my eyeballs in laundry and thought a mindless post is in order.

loving: My vacation weather. Nothing but sunshine and 80 degrees!!
pondering: Watch a movie tonight (The Kings Speech) or catch up on blogging, facebook and Words w/Friends. (I know. Lame.)
reading: The Help - well, technically I just finished it today
anticipating: School starting. 4th grade and kindergarten ~ how can it be???
cursing: All the calories I've consumed on vacation.
wearing: shorts and a t-shirt. No make up worn since day one of vacation...I look a little frightening!
deciding: Where to buy new carpet for the family room.
hoping: I can get my to-do list done before Tuesday.
planning: My upcoming weekend
dreading: Tuesday - back to work
wishing: That the money tree in my backyard would start growing.


jenny said...

how was 'the help'? i've heard all sorts of good about it. i am reading something else right now that might take a few months at the rate i get time to read, but that's on my list next!

oh, and when your money tree starts growing, let me know. i'll come prune that sucker! haha!

A Day In The Life.... said...

The book was great. Now I need to go see the movie.
I'll be sure to ship a branch from my money tree up north to you. :)