Photo Printing...

I'm overwhelmed. I have a bazillion pictures on my computer. I download them off my cameras, might do a little editing and then they sit. I haven't printed pictures since early 2010. Ugh.
I had a notebook of all the folders that I printed pictures from in an effort to not duplicate print orders (which I may have done a time or two). Not sure where that notebook is. Great.
Do you print your pictures regularly? If so, where do you do it - online, at home, bring your card to Target?
I have no idea where to start. I'm thinking I'm going to start with the most recent and work my way back. I think I'll start tomorrow.


kim said...

i do not print pictures very often... and when i do i just get a bunch of random prints and they go in various places around the house (a few on the magnet board above our desk, a couple on the board in the kitchen, etc). i don't have albums. i wish i was better about it, but i'm hoping that someday i can a) make my blog into a book and/or b) make some books of pictures (like shutterfly books... not album-type books where i'd have to print the pictures and put them in).

ANYWAY, i was just going to tell you that i took a photo class (karen russell) and thought she had great ideas about uploading/printing pictures. her folders are dated when the pictures come off her memory card. then when she goes and edits them, she renames the folders like 'NU First Day of School'. The 'NU' stands for 'Not Uploaded'. then when she uploads the pictures to the website she prints from, she removes the 'NU'. that is so simple, but i wouldn't have thought of it... duh. :) No notebook needed.

she prints her pictures at scrapbookpictures.com and i haven't tried it yet but keep meaning to - it seems cheap (an 4x6 is 14 cents i think?) AND... as long as you make at least one order per year, your images are online for you for as long as you like... as many as you like. so it's another form of backup!

anyway... hope you find something that works. this post reminded me that i need to work on this too!

A Day In The Life.... said...

Thanks Kim!!

jenny said...

kim basically covered the bases. i'm the same. i only print the ones i'm putting out around the house or at work or the ones i'm giving away to family. i'm horrible.

i save all mine in folders of the date i downloaded them onto the computer and then have a folder inside that of proofs. i REALLY have to try out scrapbookpictures.com because i've been meaning to since i took karen's class too.

if you have to have albums, good luck. just take a chunk at a time and you'll get it done. :)

Swanson Family said...

I print and then scrap book. I throw some extras in the photo albums I have for the kids for later in life. I print to target and love it bc its easy. :)