Hut Hut...

Being in 4th grade means you get to play tackle football. Colton couldn't be more excited. Me on the other hand couldn't be more nervous. Don't get me wrong. I really enjoy watching football. However, I don't enjoy the thought of my offspring being knocked unconscious, breaking a bone, etc. We've got 2 weeks of practice and one scrimmage under our belt and so far so good. There isn't an injury to report.
Here's a few pictures from this past Saturday: Doing some warm-up drills. My kid is the one with the skinny legs. He gets that from his dad.

Kind of hard to pick him out so I thought I'd help you out. Defense is his favorite. I asked why he couldn't just be a kicker. He told me that was boring. Can't blame me for trying.

Here he is carrying the ball - into a sea of kids that want to knock him down. Lord help me.

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