A Day In The Life......

For those of my site visitors have requested that I write what a day in my life is really like, your wish has been granted.
5:00am - my alarm goes off (keep in mind this is only on the weekdays)
Time to hop in the shower.
Here's where multi-tasking comes in handy. As I lather on the shampo, I think about what I'm going to wear today. I think to myself - what's clean, what doesn't need ironing and what shoes will I have to wear.
Approximately 5:12am I'm down in my room trying to find my invisioned outfit only to be disappointed that there is some sort of food item (thanks Brett) crusted onto my pants, so back to square one. Starting to stress I just grab something and head up stairs.
Hopefully it's only about 5:22 as I head up the stairs to put together lunches for the boys. Oh and no, this doesn't include Mike's lunch. He's a big boy and can fend for himself.
Typically at about 5:35 Brett wakes up as he hears Mike and I running around trying to be quiet. Mike and I fight over who gets to go get our little man out of his crib as this time of day he is just so darn cute. Time to give Brett his morning cup of water - he doesn't care for juice- and his daily banana. If you don't give him a banana or oatmeal, you'll be sorry. Don't try to trick him with some strawberries or pancakes. He'll have none of it.
While Mike is eating breakfast with Brett, I'm in the bathroom attempting to do my hair and throw on a little make-up. While doing this, I'm thinking to myself....I really, really need somebody to teach me what shades of eyeshadow I should be using.
Oh it's 5:50, time to go wake up Colton.
I turn on his light, rub his back and ask him what he wants for breakfast. His typical answer is french toast sticks. My typical answer is we don't have any. What else do you want? So as I get that ready with his cup of juice (see they really are opposite kids) he attempts to wake himself up.
I'm back in the bathroom finishing up...Mike heads out the door.
I get the kids dressed, teeth brushed and my lunch packed and we're out the door.
Off to daycare. Give kisses and off to work.
Ah, work......I don't share about work.....never know who's reading this.
Get home. Give all 3 boys kisses and see how everybody's days went. TRY to get Colton to tell me about his day at school. TRY to come up with some tasty idea for dinner. TRY to cook dinner while Mike and I entertain the kids. TRY to talk Colton into eating everything. Mike cleans up the kitchen and does the dishes (I hate doing dishes) and the boys and I go play for a bit.
Brett's in bed by 7, Colton by 7:30. Time to throw in some laundry, go through the backpack, pick up the house, work out (honestly, it's pretty easy to talk myself out of doing that....) catch up on the blog world and off to bed in time to catch the weather at 9:32 on Fox 9 news.
Whew. A day in the life.
What's your's like?


jennycook said...

great post! i'll have to share my typical day soon. love that he has to have a morning banana or oatmeal...no substitutes! oh, and i totally am wondering what color eyeshadow i should be using too. :)

Jill said...

I don't have a typical day, since I am not working outside the home, however every day is different and so is our routine! A few comments:
1. Tim and I also argue about who gets to get Gage up, as he is adorable in the morning and it's my favorite time of day with him.
2. I think you always look good, so the fact that you question your eye shadows or put on crusty pants is funny to me, as you never look "thrown together" when I see you!
3. I'm glad you are making time to work out. You look so good in your pics and its obvious you are working hard at staying in shape.
4. We miss you guys, and I'm so excited to actually talk to my beezatches in person rather than read up on their lives on their blogs (many times per week!)
5. Take care and have a great weekend!

Mom of 2 said...

The last time I checked, I was looking at your eyeshadow to figure out what to do with mine:) And it's a good thing you are skinny (good job working out!) so that you can fit into your clothes... or that would just eliminate one more outfit for yourself!! You always look great. You are obviously super mom. I don't know how you do these early mornings, but, GOOD JOB. Nice post.....

Swanson Family said...

Leah, Love the update!!!! Thinking about your day made me tired!!!! Holy moly girl! You are a super Mom. And I agree with all the other posts here, you always look great, always have and I am 100% jealous!

9/14: Happy Birthday!

Love ya,