Test Drive

Here we are....out for a test drive in our new boat. We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon....lots of sun and minimal wind. Everything worked great which is always a plus! The boys (all 3 of them) enjoyed themselves. Colton kept wanting to go faster. We had to explain that a 25 horse motor doesn't go as fast as grandpa's boat! Brett just wanted to eat and help steer. Mike had a smile from ear to ear the entire time and I was just happy to be spending a gorgeous day with my boys.


jennycook said...

how fun! those are some of my favorite times, in our boat. love fishing, the water, the sun! we all wish we had grandpa mike's boat...even my husband! lordy!

Jaci said...

I can't believe you guys got a boat! Congratulations!! Cory will be so jealous. I can't wait for a girls only day out in the sun. 25 horses is enough to catch some rays, right? :o)

Mom of 2 said...

Hey... when I figure out how to use blogspot, I'll know where to reply if you ask me a question like, "Where do you buy flaxseed meal?".
I think you can buy flaxseed in the "health" section at Cub. From there, you will 1/2 grind it. So it's 1/2 seed and 1/2 ground up. As far as the berries-raisin blend, I just use raisins and any dried berries that are in the cupboard.
They are labor intensive and that recipe only makes 12. But I love them and I feel like I'm being healthy when I eat them (6). I don't really bake that often either... so good luck!!

Swanson Family said...

Neil wants to know when he can go otu with Mike!!! Go figure!!! Congrats on the new boat, what a very fun thing to have!

Tammy said...

Congrats on your new boat!

How fun!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you a belated birthday! I guess you and Lucy will be sharing the day!!