The First Day

Here he is! The big Kindergartner!
Yes, it's dark out still, but he's not headed to school quite yet. First to daycare, then to school. He was pretty excited when I left him this morning!
Here comes the bus. I was able to leave work early to meet Colton at the bus stop. I don't think he even realized I was there. He was too busy chatting with his buds. Carter, Colton and Jarod.....
How did it go you ask? Still working on that one. Here's how the conversation went on our way home today:

Colton: I wish it was tomorrow.

Me: Why?

Colton: So I can go back to school.

Me: Did you have fun today?

Colton: Yes.

Me: What did you do?

Colton: I don't know.

Me: Did you write letters?

Colton: No

Me: Did you sing a song?

Colton: No.

Me: Did you use glue sticks (Seriously, they had to bring 6 large glue sticks to start the year with...really? How much glue can you use in 2 1/2 hours a day?)

Colton: No.

Me: Did you know anybody in your class?

Colton: Yes, Brandon that used to live across the street from us.

Me: (thinking to myself...now we're getting somewhere) Cool. Did you sit by him?

Colton: No, I'm at the green star table and he's at the purple star table.

Me: Oh. (How can he not remember what he did today, but he can remember that Brandon sits at the purple star table?)

Colton: That's enough questions mom.

Me: Oh, okay.

Two hours later at dinner I discover that he sits at a table with 3 other kids. One other boy and two other girls.

That's all I know about the first day of school!


Mom of 2 said...

That's so cute... Did you cry at the bus stop??

Tammy said...

That's so great!

Maybe by Christmas break you'll get the whole scoop!?!