Elevator Etiquette....

I just have to vent for a moment. I ride an elevator multiple times a day where I work. I have no problem when people want to or don't want to strike up a conversation while we hitch a ride together. I have no personal space issues (for the most part) when in small quarters for a short period of time.
However, what I do have a problem with is the fact that when you try to get off the elevator the people that are trying to get on run you over. Seriously. Just wait until we get out. It only takes 5 seconds. Sit back. Move. Man, it's just rude.
Yes, I realize I could take the stairs, but the idea of climbing 98 stairs (yes I've counted) in 2 inch heels more than once a day is not very time efficient.
Whew. I feel much better. Thank you.


Jill said...

Although I rarely have to use an elevator, I notice this with both elevators and ANY door, wherever I may be. Especially stores--like Kohl's, etc. I am under the firm belief that 99% of the population thinks that where they have to go is the only place of importance in the whole freaking world. I will be pushing a stroller, trying to open a door with one hand and push the stroller in with another, and the people coming in will brush past me and not even offer to hold the door! I, too, wonder if they realize that if they give you TWO SECONDS to get through the door, that there will be more room for them anyway?? Guess you hit a sensitive spot w/ me. Sorry for venting! HA!

The next time, just let a big one rip on your way out, leaving them all a nice treat. Screw 'em!

Jaci said...

In my parking garage elevator, my biggest pet peeve is the whole delay between when the elevator reaches the floor, but it still takes a few seconds before the door actually opens.

I have seen people rage out because it's so slow...literally pound on the doors, or start swearing. I know it's probably just fear of being stuck in the urine smelling crappy old elevator, but come on--it's only a 2-3second pause before it opens-CHILL PEOPLE! :o)

jessica said...

amen. i'm with you, people are so rude when it comes to elevators. and if you have a stroller, they're just as rude!

beejo said...

this has been my pet peeve ever since i started to use the elevator almost every day at work 4 years ago. i DO NOT understand it. 95% of the time there's someone else getting on, they practically run into me on my way out. it's similar to everyone rushing to get in line when they say you can board a plane. i mean, really, is it that important for you to get on the plane and sit in your seat for 30 seconds longer? cripes.

Jaime said...

Everybody hates what you've just described. So why is the problem still happening?
Do people just panic and think that the door will close before they can get on? So as soon as they see it open, they bolt on?
Yeah, I don't get it??

jenny said...

hahaha! i hate this as well. i always take the steps because we only have three floors at the courthouse. the only time i want to hop in the elevator is when i want to get away for a while. :)

Jill said...

GREAT topic, Leah! You hit a sore subject!

And to beejo...I agree with the boarding of planes. I usually wait for the last call, and then the person sitting in the middle or outside aisle seat (KNOWING that someone else is going to be sitting by the window (me) ) like to act all irritated when you ask them to get up. WTF? If you know you have an aisle seat, why don't you wait to board?!?!? Idiots.

Now I'm all fired up again.

South American Sara said...

I have to admit this is one area that I most love about Brazil because it is contrary to typical behavior in the states. Here, people always say good morning or good afternoon or good evening, depending on the time of day and ALWAYS say Tchau (bye) when they exit. You can be the last one approaching the arriving elevator and the first to enter because EVERY one holds the door open for you to allow you in! If you are with a small child, you are like Princess Di! Royal treatment in this country for moms and children--let me tell you. I LOVE IT! And, I live on the 10th floor of my building so I take an elevator minimum 2 times a day. Thanks for this post Leah as I needed to think of something positive about this country that I currently call home today.