What's A Girl To Do?

T minus 4 days until the big Rock Band/Guitar Hero party. Mike's been making me practice so I don't embarrass him. Here's my dilemma.....
Picture it - 4:15 on a Tuesday afternoon. A son jazzed about his first night of baseball practice. A mom trying to be encouraging and oblige to son's request to "throw a few pop flys and some grounders."
Three minutes into playing catch - son throws the ball just over the mom's head and she tries to be skillful and catch it bare handed. Next thing mom knows is that her pinkie is throbbing and she feels like she might throw up. In her attempt to avoid foul language in front of her children, she grabs her hand, bends over, closes her eyes and screams internally - oh, and jumps around yelling "owie owie owie." Very mature huh?
It's now 8:30 on a Tuesday evening. Her pinkie is about the size of her wrist (give or take a little) and it's turning a nice shade of purple/black and blue. Nice.
So, I guess I'm not going to be able to show my mad skills on the medium level of Guitar Hero.
Do you need a working pinkie finger to play the drums?


Anonymous said...

Just blog surfing and came across yours. I love your main profile picture, so adorable!!! "A Day in the Life." Awesome :)

trav said...

not sure about the drums...but i'm pretty sure you don't need it to SING!!! :)

Jill said...

Sorry to hear about your pinkie. I haven't even listed to the CD yet, and I don't think it's going to happen...
you can be the singer while I try and play the gee-tar.

Swanson Family said...

Is it broken? Hopefully it will be good enough for Saturday.

Cory Dukowitz said...

1-You are in the clear for Vocals.
2-You are good for Drums – might be uncomfortable holding on to the drumsticks, but you are ok.
3-Play on easy level guitar (boring).
4-BEST SOLUTION: On Rock Band you can actually switch the guitar over to play in “Lefty Mode” similar to famous guitarists as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and one of the Beatles (I think McCartney). Basically you can strum with your bad hand and play the “frets” with your good hand. You can come over early if you want to practice – so you don’t embarrass your husband.

Doctor Rock

Jaci said...

OMG. Dr. Rock?

You know what helps any broken bone? Liquor. And I can be your pharmacist to fill that prescription on Saturday night. No pressure to play any sort of instrument or sing until you're sufficiently drunk & don't care about your injury anymore! Or just drink & no RB at all?? Fine by me!


jenny said...

dang girl - i'm pretty sure i would have let some foul language fly out of my mouth - ouch! i hope you still have a good time at the party - i would ice the pinkie by holding a cold brewski. :)