Happy Birthday!!

Your 1st and 2nd Birthday's were before my knowledge of downloading pictures onto our computer...we don't have a scanner, so here's a recap of ages 3 - 5. ;)

Age 3 - This was the year of Batman. Batman EVERYTHING. PJs, action figures, underwear, T-shirts, shoes, sheets - you name it, we had it in Batman. We gave up making you get dressed in anything other than your Batman PJs with the cape. We broke down and bought you a couple other pairs so that we knew you were at least clean. Once when you were at Grandma's, she asked you to get dressed - she asked if you could pretend to be Bruce Wayne for the day. Your reply? "Grandma, can't you just pretend that I'm dressed?"
In this picture, you were helping (using that term very loosely) make your birthday cake. Of course it was the Bat symbol! Age 4 - This started the year of the Dinosaur. T-Rex has always been your favorite, but you could name pretty much all of them - Parasarslophus, Celophisis, Iguanadon, the list goes on. You are a very funny kid and keep us on our toes at all times.
Age 5 - This was the year of everything to do with sports. You knew every NFL team and what city they were from. In many cases you even knew a few of the players and what number was on their jersey. You wanted a Morneau jersey and cleats for your birthday so that you could play baseball in the summer.
You are now turning 6!! I cannot believe it. You are a smart, lovable guy and I'm so proud of you! I love you bud!


jenny said...

happy birthday colton! man leah, i can't believe you are the mom of a six year old! time flies!

Jaci said...

Happy Birthday Colton! I hope you have a wonderful day!! :o)

lib said...

i can't believe colton is 6!!!! i hate to say it, but i remember when he was born...

jessica said...

what a cutie! they grow waaaaaay too fast! happy birthday.

Swanson Family said...

This made me tear up, where does the time go? hoenstly? 6?!?!?!!

Happy Birthday Colton, not sure what this years 'theme' is to be, but whatever it is, your Mom and Dad will be the best at making it happen!

Enjoy your first really kid party too!