Good Times.....

We just returned from boosting the economy of Door County. Oops. What I meant to say was that we just returned from celebrating our 6 years of marriage in Door County, Wisconsin. We took off Friday evening for the 6 hour drive. I would recommend driving at night only for the fact that there is NOTHING to see between the border of Minnesota/Wisconsin and Sturgeon Bay. However, once you get to that point, it's a whole new world.
We got up bright and early on Saturday to get our day started. We went without any plans - just a few ideas of things that we thought we'd like to do throughout the weekend. As we were eating breakfast, we decided that we'd take the ferry to Washington Island and cruise around the island on mopeds. So off we went.
Here's the boat that took us on the six mile journey:

Here's Mike freezing/enjoying the cruise. Notice he's wearing a hat. It was FREEZING. I had to buy a sweatshirt before we got on the boat because I wasn't warm enough in my turtle neck and sweater!
Here was our means of transportation on the island. It was so much fun! Never mind the fact that I almost didn't pass the moped test. Not because I was reckless, but because I was going too slow. Once we got out on the open road, I was a pro.
Again. FREEZING. My hands were numb by the time we got to our first sight. However, I wouldn't have done it any other way. There were plenty of people that rented pedal bikes, but we felt like livin' on the edge - having the wind blow through our hair, maxing out at 30 mph, you know how that is. Here's a shot of me and my tourist sweatshirt at Schoolhouse Beach. The entire beach was covered in white rocks. Oh, and don't try to toss one in your pocket as a souvenir. It's a $250 fine! No, I didn't learn this from experience. Just read the sign.

On our way north to the catch the ferry, we drove by a restaurant that had grass on the roof. It was a nice conversation piece. Mike wondered how they kept it so short. I wondered if it was moss and not grass. That was the last we spoke of it. That is until we were heading back to our Inn. We noticed that there were goats roaming about on the roof. What?! Of course we had to jump out of the car and take pictures like the other 46 people standing around us did.
Sunday was our winery day. We drove the loop to the other side of Door County and on our way back managed to swing into two different wineries. Fun. If you ever head this way, I really recommend Door Peninsula Winery. They must have had over 30 different kinds of wine to taste. No, I didn't taste them all, but pretty darn close. Forty-five minutes later we ended up with a case of various types of wine in the trunk. Here's the proof:
One last photo for the overload..... A lovely sunset at Egg Harbor Beach. Well, we missed the prime part of the sunset because I'm what they call "directionally challenged." It was a great weekend. So many beautiful sights and lots of history. We had a great time and have pretty much decided where we will stay next time when we bring the kids.


Jill said...

Wow...glad to see you had such a nice weekend! I have always wanted to visit Door Co. and your pictures help prove why!

Happy Anniversary!

Swanson Family said...

How awesome! It looks awesome! Now I want to go there...

Happy Anniversary!

jenny said...

looks like you guys had a great time! i think cruising on the moped would have been the highlight for me! sweet!

South American Sara said...

Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed Door County. Your pictures bring back wonderful memories of my visit there. I too thought the restaurant with the grazing goats on the roof was a hoot! What a beautiful time of year to go too.