Fall Fun.....

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday (it hit 75 degrees!) so I took the boys to the orchard just like the other 750 parents did. It was packed! We didn't let the crowds get to us though. The boys had a great time running around/on/over the hay hill and checking out the goats, chickens and ducks.

Here's Colton waiting "for all the little kids to get out of the way" so he could take a running leap off the hill.
Here's Brett at the top of the hill....pretty much telling me to move it or loose it and to get that camera out of his face.
The hit of the day? The ponies of course! As soon as Brett so those little things, there was no holding him back. He saw the kids riding them, ran up to me and said, "Me too Mama, me too!" How could I resist? So we went and got in line and this little child who doesn't like to wait for anything (and I mean anything) waited patiently in line right by me the whole time!
Still waiting......And we're off! He was so excited. It was adorable. Smiles and squeals! His brother on the other hand was very content keeping his two feet on the ground and walking next to the horse. Have I ever mentioned how opposite my boys are?
All that waiting stirred up some hunger. Time for apple juice and apple donuts! Oh, and don't worry. I washed his hands before he got a hold of this!


lib said...

looks like a superfun saturday...did mike go hunting?

jenny said...

i so wish we had a pumpkin patch up here! tucker loved the picture of 'taat boy on da hoorsie' when i showed him earlier. too cute! :)

are you using the new camera? :)