Mr. Smarty Pants.....

Ah, conferences. I'm sure teachers just cringe when these come creeping up. Anyhow, here's a quick update on how my smart little first grader is doing:
We received a letter stating that by this time of the year, first graders should be reading 45 words per minute and by the end of the year, they should be at 65 per minute. My guy? He's at a whopping 145 words per minute!! Therefore he's been put in an advance reading group. Cool!
Math? No problem. He's been one of a few kids selected to be in a math pull-out group so he gets to miss regular class for a few hours here and there to do some specialized math "stuff." Very Cool!
Handwriting.....well, we've got a little work on this. For some reason the kid thinks that every thing is a race (unless he's about to lose, then he says "it's not a race") so he whips through and writes sloppy. Figure that's easy enough to help him correct.
Bottom line is that he is a very good student and he really enjoys school. He's a typical boy though. When you ask him what his favorite things in school are he quickly replies phy-ed and recess. ;)


Swanson Family said...

Neil would love to here that!

jenny said...

totally awesome. :)

Jaci said...

What a smarty pants! Hopefully when my kids need a tutor, Colton is ready!


Jill said...

Wow! What great news. Glad to hear he is doing so good. Thanks for sharing!