No. 49....

We took a family outing today. I never know how these will go, especially when it involves crowds of people. Will the youngest try to run away? Will the oldest bug the youngest the entire time? Will the husband be annoyed with the large crowds as the youngest is trying to run away to be free? Well, I'm happy to say we had a very pleasant trip the Children's Museum today.
Brett just couldn't get enough of it. He ran has fast as his little legs would carry him from site to site. He slid down Clifford's back, crawled around in an ant hill, drove a bus and bought groceries.
Colton on the other was borderline too old for the museum. He did have fun, but it was geared towards younger kids. Here's a couple of pictures:

Colton got to make paper.
Brett being a turtle.
I guess I can now cross off No. 49 from the big list!

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