I've been trying to think about a blog topic to post, but nothing is jumping out at me. I do have a couple questions that I'm hoping you can answer for me. Here we go....

1. How long does it take to potty train a puppy? We've had our dog for about 3 weeks now. She does really well during the day in the kennel when we're at work, but on weekends and evenings she is still having accidents. We take her out what feels like every 10 minutes and leave her out there for about five. If this dog craps on my floor one more time.......

2. Do you use your bath towel more than one time? My hubby and I use to have this argument on a daily basis until I finally decided it was not the battle to die in. He's a one time user and I'm a repeat user. In my mind, you are clean when you use your towel to dry off so why not use it a couple of times? In his mind he finds it repulsive that there could be a chance that you wipe your face with the section of towel you wiped your ass on a day earlier.

3. We are having some behavior issues with Colton at school already. That's right - within 3 days of returning from Christmas vacation. Apparently he thinks it's cool to make all the kids laugh and be the class clown which is disruptive to the class. Thought we nipped this one back in November. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. We're working with his teacher, but seriously.

4. We are working with Brett on the whole peeing in his night time undies thing. Any tips? He doesn't have any drinks 60 minutes before bedtime. He goes to the bathroom right before bed and still wakes up wet more often than not. I told him last night that if he can go 7 days without any potty in his nighttime undies I would buy him a prize. He of course wanted to know what that prize would be. I suggested something to go with his new Batman house. He thought about it and then responded, "no, I want minty gum for my prize." Easy to please. Gotta love it.


Jaci said...

My thoughts:

1. No idea. Seriously, my parents trained our dogs to go in the litter box. :o)

2. I do absolutely use my bath towel more than once. I have no issue because hopefully I would have cleaned my ass well enough that my face wouldn't get too dirty. I also only use 1 towel for both hair and body. A quick body dry, and whoosh up it goes into my hair while I get everything else ready.

3. Big admission here: As a former class clown (thanks, recovery went well...)...I feel like the only thing that ever worked to make me stop goofing off was getting called out by my peers. Not the teacher, that was just more ammo & more fun. Not my parents, whatever. But if a person that I liked or wanted to like me said something like, sshhhh or you're being dumb, I'd zip it. Any friends of Colton's you can use (or the teacher) to work covertly??

4. Good lord, help me out too. I can't even bear to put undies on Q. He'd pee through the floorboards the kid goes so much. So he's still in pull ups, and I'd say we're at a solid 3 days wet a week. Worst is on the weekends when he sleeps so soundly and a bit later. I'm listening!

Swanson Family said...

1. I have no idea. but let me know what works for when we get our dog. I'll need the tips.

2. yes same as jaci, one towel, multiple times. I do however make sure that Neil uses his and I use mine, I wash 1x per week. hopefully that isn't too gross for anyone. Summer is a bit different with sand VB and more sweat, I wash 2x a week.

3. sorry no idea, but again, I have a feeling I have 1 or 2 of those kids as well, so tips when I get to that point, will be greatly appreciated!

4. take off the pull ups and try putting a pair undies on with a regular diaper over, so that he feels the wetness. once that works, go just undies. maybe there will be some accidents, but he has to learn.
Or go straight to undies, tell him all the stuff I am sure you already do about if you feel like you have to go in the middle of the night, get up and go or come and get Daddy or me and so on and let him pee the bed and figure out that he is a big boy and big boys don't be the bed. he'll want to please and pick up on it fast. Yes more work for you.
he has to feel the wetness to feel the sensation to know he has to get up. just like during the day.

Paul said...

2. Although your huddy’s theory is sound I have to admit I am a repeat user. Unfortunately, I am occasionally a repeat user to the point that my towel walks itself to the dirt close hamper!?!?! Not to go “tales from the lock room” on it, but I had a high school buddy who swore by the two towel system. Like your Mr., he wasn’t comfortable with the multiple areas one towel dries. He used one towel for the midsection/below the belt and one for the rest of the body. Having not kept tight records on his towel turnaround time, I would estimate he could get 4 to 6 days out of the same two towels. Maybe an option…

Amy said...

1. Potty training dogs totally sucks. It's just a matter of consistently taking the dog to the same door & eventually the catch on then they sit at the door and wait to be taken out. Some breeds are just harder than others. It took a few months when we trained Kenzie. After her I said no more puppies. When we got Haley she was 2 and already trained. Thank goodness!! Good Luck.

2. I used to be a 1 towel a day person going up, but Eric coverted me to using a towel multiple times. I just make sure we have different color towels so we don't accidentally use the other person's towel.

3. As what I've heard from stories it sounds like Colton may have inherted his uncle's traits.

We are Three said...

Take the dog out after she drinks, eats, sleeps or plays. It takes time with smaller dogs-just continue to be patient and she will get it. We took our mini dachshund out every 2 hrs. without fail. If she went we gave her a treat and praised her like crazy. If not.. then you just take her out again in another 2 hrs. good luck

Call me high maintenance but I use 2 towels for every shower and I don't reuse them. I hate to have my hair dripping water on my body after I have already dried it off.

No "kid" potty training tips. For some reason Lucas has never had a night accident.