Little Fish....

My little dude has a "new favorite thing." That thing is swimming lessons. He started on Tuesday and I was a little nervous to how it might go. He's watched his brother countless times so I thought he'd be really excited for his turn.
We started hyping it up about a week or so before it started. First he said he didn't want to go. Then it changed to he'll go, but he's not swimming on his back. Then he added the fact that he didn't want to get his hair wet. He finally came around when we said he could pick out his own goggles. He wanted orange ones with tiger stripes. Hmmmmm, believe it or not, they didn't have any of those so he settled for plain orange.
He rocked the pool. He swam on his back. He got his hair wet. He couldn't wait to go back for his next lesson.
Here's a couple snapshots I couldn't help but share:

He gave his brother a big thumbs up after he was done jumping in.


Swanson Family said...

so great!

Tammy said...

Cool! You know who to talk to when he's ready to join the Sea Devils!!!