Memory Lane....

I attended a two day seminar for work related topics. It just so happened that it was at my Alma mater. It had been about nine or so years since I had been on campus here. I was a little surprised and what had changed and what had not.
I thought it might be interesting to show you were I lived during my 3 1/2 years at SCSU. Ready? Ok, here we go.
My freshmen year was in the dorms. I stayed in the lame dorm where girls where on one wing and boys were on the other (versus every other floor). I'm pretty sure the dorm with the sticker in the window was mine - I think. After 9 months in the 4x4 cell, I was ready for bigger and better things. I moved into a house with 8 other girls. All but one were a grade ahead of me in school. Shall we just say it was an interesting year? There were creepy crawly things in the basement, lots of cloggged showers due to all of our long hair, but lots of fun and memories were made.
I couldn't get a picture of the front of the house, but here's the back. I can't believe this place is still standing. It looks extremely questionable and I'm guessing that's why the "For Rent" sign is still on the side of the house....
We used to go out on that little deck, but only 2-3 at a time for fear that it would crumble beneath us. All eight of us were ready to high tail it out of there by the time June rolled around.
My third year I downsized and brought one of the gals from the house with me to this duplex. We lived on the bottom level with 2 other girls - one of who we did not get along with so luckily she moved out and another gal came in. Lots of fun memories here! We had to replace the screen in the front window a few times as we'd forget our keys and that was our only way in. Well, unless we wanted to pay our landlord $50 to come let us in, but to a college kid, $50 was more than enough for 3 nights out on the town!

My last semester, I commuted but luckily 2 of the girls rented the duplex for a second year and would let me crash on their couch one night a week.
College was a blast and was life changing, but being back on campus gave me no urge to go back and pursue my masters. Yet.


Swanson Family said...

this is great. I am glad you gals were smart enough to only have a few of you out on that deck... looks scary to me.

I liked this post as it made me think back to all the places I lived when I was in school too!


Jaci said...

What? No call for lunch?!? Did you honk on your way by the bldg on 94?!?!

Is it sad that I pretty much know exactly where these two places are?? I can't be sure with the back of the one...but yeah, how fun!

A Day In The Life.... said...

i did think about you as i drove by...i was about to rent a gorilla suit and come to sing. i know you would have loved it!
the back of the house is on 5th Ave right in front of the school. 801 to be exact. ;)