Questions For You.....Again

I think I did this back in November when I blogged everyday that month. Let's see how it goes this time around.


1. If you could have free, unlimited service for one year from an extremely good cook, chauffeur, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which one would you chose?

2. Do you squeeze your toothpaste from the bottom, middle, top or do you roll it up from the bottom to the top?

3. Do you save greeting cards (birthday, anniversary, thank you) or do you toss them? Why?

4. What is your first memory?


1. Hands down - housekeeper. I cannot seem to stay on top of things. Every time we clean, we keep saying, ok, let's try to keep things picked up. Then life happens and I'm pretty sure a tornado comes through our house on a very regular basis.

2. I squeeze from the bottom. My kids and husband squeeze from wherever. Drives me nuts. But, I've come to accept it and just have my own tube to use it how I want to.

3. I don't save them. I've got nowhere to put them. I take that back. Kind of. If they are from my parents, husband or kids and they've got something extra special written I'll keep them. But 99% of them get tossed within a week or two.

4. This is TMI, but what the hell. I remember not liking to wear underwear when I was young (or socks for that matter...you know that seam that runs across your toes? I couldn't STAND to have that at the tips of my toes. Thankfully I got over that in time). Anyway.....I remember being in preschool and my teacher saying to me, "I have a granddaughter that is about your age and size, what size pants are those? She kind of pulled out my pants to read the tag and I was mortified that she had seen me without underwear. You know, I never thought that situation was all that weird until right about now. Hmmmm.....

Your turn.


Jill said...

1. Housekeeper. I can do everything else (other than massage my own back) but I would love help with this.

2. Squeeze from the middle!

3. I save most of mine, and I've been saving my kids' too. I rarely "collect" anything, and have been so good at purging, but when there are special cards sent, with special messages, I just can't bear to throw them away.

4. I have so many. I really remember so much from when I was younger. i think I just remember with fondness summer time at my grandmas. The smells of the woods, picking berries, playing outside under the big industrial light (that came on at dusk) that they had in their driveway...kick the can, ghosts in the graveyard. Whenever I am in the woods, the smell takes me right back!

Jaci said...

1. I am torn on this one. I'd say housekeeper, but really what I want is a masseuse. A housekeeper wouldn't do it my way, and I'd just as soon do it my way & get a nice massage afterwards!

2. I really care none. I think I'm a bottom mostly. I liked when I had the toothpaste in the hard bottle--no problems. I guess I squeeze and then once in a while, I'll smooth it out so it's not crumpled. No passion there though.

3. I absolutely do not save greeting cards. I leave them on the island or hutch displaying them--but I toss them when I round up the junk mail. Cory keeps his though. :o) Truthfully, I really love to get the message in my head & heart & that's good enough for me. I love when people put pictures in them--that makes me so very happy! I keep those! OOhh--and I do keep every christmas foto card. Every. single. one. It's like a freebie foto of my friends.

4. I remember getting hit in the face by the teeter-totter swing (where two people ride at once, and pump). I was about 4, and I walked in front of it, chasing the neighbor's white dog. The kids smashed me and my two front teeth went up and in. My neighbor was babysitting us, and there were a ton of people there around me with towels cuz I was bleeding so much. Both teeth died, and I had to get them yanked, and they didn't grow back til 3rd grade! (And one at a time--big and HUGE). Great,eh?

Swanson Family said...

1. housekeeper. if she/he was really good or like jaci, i would end up doing it again, and then I might as well just get a good cook in the house so at least I can be skinny and eat right.

2. i squeeze from the middle more so, but neil squeezes from all over, drives me nuts. but whatever, its just toothpaste. RIGHT!?!? as long as there is some left!

3. I have saved all the kids cards that they have ever gotten. I am not sure why, I think b/c someday when they can read and look through them, I think they will think it is cool to see what they have gotten over the years. then they can decide if they want to throw them, I feel guilty throwing something they might want. epsecially those from their great grandmas they might not remember. as for me... i have a few cards from neil and a few from the kids, but not all of them. Neil, reads and discards all in the same motion. I love cards, especailly giving them. I have been bad lately, but I do love it.

4. burning my hand on a karoscene (sp?) heater. bad bad bad. we lived here in MN for a few months. the abulance came and everything, but I didn't want to go in it, so we drive behind it in my parents car all the way to North Memorial. I had 2nd degree burns on the inside of my right hand. not fun when you are 5.

Diana said...

1. Personal Secretary - a guy. Why? Because I could use him like a movie star secretary and he could do my laundry, clean my house, drive me around, give me a massage, and cook! Wow, love that fantasy...he's hot too.

2. Middle, then when I'm done I flatten out the bottom because I feel guilty. Not that anyone but me uses my toothpaste! Jeff has this weird cinnamon stuff that I won't even try. I like spearmint.

3. I save them for a while and then toss them. I keep the photos though, for sure! I'm waiting for that one day where I get the card I want to keep forever. Still waiting though...

4. Opposite of Jill, I can't remember much. Plus I don't know which memories came before others. I remember the training wheels coming off my bike and then immediately tipping into the parked car with my head. The first of a long line of head injuries now that I think about it!