Christmas 2010....

I am finally getting around to posting a few Christmas pictures. It's been a very busy past 30 days, but looking forward to things slowing down a bit now that the holidays are over and we are back from vacation.
One of my 101 in 1001 days was to make a gingerbread house. I can cross that off the list. Actually I helped make two of them. One was foam and the other was a true gingerbread house. Here's the proof which includes my little elf helpers. We were up north with my mom and step-dad this year for the actual holiday. We spent lots of time outdoors building forts, looking for deer and riding the snowmobile.
I love the my nieces can beat up on my boys. It's good for them.

After about 314 attempts at getting a group of all the grand kids for my mom, I let them all strike a pose. Loving it.

Christmas morning with the boys wrapped up in their snuggies.
Checking out all their loot from the red suit guy.

The guys spent countless hours trying to master the new hunting game. The "older" boys stayed up until 2am trying to find some creature and were totally unsuccessful.

I'm pretty sure that I have a picture of at least one of my boys in this pose on the way home from a weekend of late nights, good food and great company.

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Jaci said...

The shot of brett in the carseat is adorable! And I haven't really paid that much attention so closely & all, but your boys are starting to look A LOT A LIKE! I mean crazy similar. They're dolls.