Vacation....Final Day

It was cold. And windy. And the boat was rocking. I'm not talking a little wave here and there. I'm talking full blown HUGE waves to the point when we were learning the Thriller dance steps everybody on stage would lose their balance and we'd all tumble to the side. At this point in time, the rocking didn't bother me. I actually found it quite funny watching everybody trying to walk a straight line. After some bingo and trivia, a few of us made our way to the farewell party really having no clue what it would be like. They caught our attention with their advertising of free drinks. Let me tell you, the boys took full advantage of this event!
We hung out, gambled and then were sitting around waiting for dinner at 8:15. At this point, the sun had set and the boat was still rocking. Now that I couldn't see outside, I was starting to feel a little "off." I kept not trying to think about it. Figured mind over matter and I'd be fine. Then I started noticing that they were putting puke bags by all the elevators. Ugh. About 5 minutes before dinner I stood up, looked at everybody and said, "I've got to go, see you later." I couldn't take it anymore. I never got sick, but let me tell you that laying down felt like heaven. I didn't move the rest of the night ~ I was out cold.
Other than the last night, we had such an awesome time. I would go on a cruise again in a heartbeat!

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