Vacation Day 2....

The start of the day was quite comical. Mike and I were itchin' to get on the boat and decided we were just going to get a move on it and everybody else could catch up to us later. We were standing outside the hotel waiting for the shuttle 20 minutes before it was suppose to get there. My dad, and the other 6 were still driving to Alabama by the time Mike and I had a celebratory cocktail poolside.
Anyhow, back to the comical part. I got out of the shower and was walking towards my suitcase. I noticed something white behind the chair in the room and asked Mike if his T-shirt fell back there. Nope, wasn't his T-shirt. It was a nice big old pair of granny panties. AHHHH!! What the hell? The best part of the story? There were 2 Busch Lights left in the fridge too. I don't even want to know what happened the night before. Disgusting. I have to laugh or I'd probably puke.
The weather wasn't quite as warm as I was hoping for. The first evening we hung out indoors playing trivia and exploring the ship.
Mike and Rachel did karaoke but a couple old drunk ladies stole the show and all eyes were on them until their young little boy toy was escorted out by security.
Next thing we know we hear the captain telling us that we have a passenger that is needing to leave the ship (no it wasn't the boy toy). We had to wait for the coast guard to come right outside our room and take somebody away. Really, the dude didn't even make it 2 hours from departure.

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