Brett's favorite pastime

Our second child has proved to be quite different from child one. I'm not sure if I'm noticing things more because now there are two kids or if it's truly based on him being so darned stubborn (I prefer the terms focused and determined versus stubborn - only because my mom says Brett's a lot like I was). I think after 12 months, we've finally figured out what makes this kid happy....FOOD! Don't think for one second that he was about to share anything with this cute, friendly dog. In fact, Brett was pretty ticked she was even hanging around.
Hmmmm... hot dogs. One of Brett's favorite "meats."
A saltine in one hand and a Cheeto in the other. Does life get any better?


Jill said...

Good thing you aren't raising Gage AND Brett. You wouldn't be able to afford groceries. He always has something in his hand, too, like cheese puffs, or crackers, or cheese...
Can you imagine the grocery bill in just a few years? AND you have two boys!

Leah said...

I told Mike once the boys are a bit bigger to plan on working a lot of overtime just to be able to keep their bellies full!