They Can Be Trained!

The other night I did a quick Target stop on my way home from work. Bought a few essentials including paper towels and toliet paper. When I got home I set everything in the entry way thinking to myself...Oh, I'll just take care of this later (unfortunately, that seems to be my motto these days). So the night goes on, we have dinner, clean up and as I'm leaving to go work out, Mike is giving Brett a bath and I hear Colton say, "dad, I have to go number two." Mike tells him to go downstairs. I go on my merry way. When I get home, both kids are in bed and Mike is downstairs on the couch. I go into the downstairs bathroom and notice that the big 24 pack of toliet paper is on the floor in the bathroom and there is a new roll on the dispenser. I say to Mike, "did you bring the toliet paper down?" His reply (which didn't shock me in the least) was "no." OK, well that's weird.....I don't remember doing it and then it came to me. My little 5 year old was so responsible that he took it upon himself to bring the tp downstairs, open it, replace the tp AND put the empty tp roll into the garbage!! I love this kid!

PS - he even had the tp coming off the top. Just like mommy likes!!!


Jill said...

YAY! There is hope! You must be an awfully good "trainer"!!!

Tammy said...

Wow! Could your son please come over to train my husband and kids?

South American Sara said...

And the roll was put with it rolling off the top! this is almost impossible for the male gender to complete accurately. You may have a first here!