Happy Birthday Brett! July 3rd

Happy Birthday Brett! I am in shock that 12 months have passed already and you've gone from this little premature baby to this one-year-old bundle of energy.
You've definitely become your own little person. Some of it I blame your father for....well, actually you are more like me than I care to admit. According to my mother, you have the same temperament that I did. You are either mad as heck or happy as ever - no happy medium for you! You want nothing to do with cuddling, everything to do with eating and you're already picking on your big brother! We love you so much and are so happy that you are part of our lives! Happy Birthday my baby!


Jill said...

Oh, man. What an absolute miracle! I am so happy that we are able to celebrate this wonderful day! We are glad you are here, Mr. Brett and we wish you so many years of happiness and a great life!

The Howe's said...


South American Sara said...

Happy Birthday little angel boy.