It's a PARTY!

I pulled it off! The caterpillar cake was a success. It took 3 boxes of cake, almost 3 containers of frosting, a bag of sour gummy worms, 2 M&M's and some sour sticks, to make it happen, but here it is: Here's the birthday boy trying to figure what to do next. The frosting was a little sweet for him, but that didn't hold him back. We learned that he doesn't really care for strawberry cake, but once grandpa started sharing his chocolate piece, watch out!

Big brother was more than willing to help teach his little bro how to get the goods out. Brett got many wonderful gifts, but his favorite was the tissue paper that things came wrapped in. Go figure.


Jill said...

Happy Happy Birthday Brett Schmoyer! I am so glad you enjoyed your cake! Gage will be thinking of you this week, and is so glad you get to have your birthdays so close together!
Love, The Fox fam

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Brett!

That cake looks great, Leah! You should go into the business...