The Differences

I continue to be amazed how two kids from the same parents can be so different as they go through the same stages of life. I thought I'd do a little comparison of their first 12 months on earth.

Born: 2 days past due date 4/10/02

Birth Time: 8:10 AM

Weight/Length: 8lbs 4oz, 21 inches

Eye Color: Brown (like his dad)

Rolls Over: 3 months

At 6 months: 15lbs 4oz, 27 1/4 inches

First tooth: 11 months

Waves: 8 months

Fave Food: Bananas

Likes: Sucking thumb

First Word: Tag (G&G's dog)


Born: 6 weeks early 7/3/06

Birth Time: 8:27 PM

Weight/Length: 5lbs 8oz, 18 inches

Eye Color: Blue (like his mom)

Rolls Over: 5 months

At 6 months: 15lbs 6oz, 26 inches

First tooth: 9 months

Waves: 10 months

Fave Food: Bananas (ok, this they have in common)

Likes: Pacifier

First Word: TBD - kind of says book and ba-ba for brother (at least that what we think it sounds like)

I'm so lucky to have two absolutely wonderful boys!!

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