I'm continuously surprised at how many people I "reconnect" (using this term VERY loosely) in the wonderful world of cyberspace. I saw this list on a girl's website that I used to babysit for when I was like 13! Now she's got a wonderful family of her own and it's so fun to hear about it. Thanks Jenny!
Here we go.....

20 years ago I...
1. was in Mrs. Burger's third grade class thinking that we were so much cooler than the kids in Mr. Kerr's class.
2. was starting to cause drama with the other 2 Leah's in my class
3. was changing 'boyfriends' every 3 days with all the other girls - I like you, do you like me - check yes or no

10 years ago I...
1. was working at the taconite plant counting down the days until I could move out of SB
2. experiencing my first summer away from home
3. living in a house with 8 other girls - NEVER again!

5 years ago I...
1. bought a house
2. was learning how to be a parent
3. was about to marry my wonderful husband (9/28/02)

3 years ago I...
1. was anticipating the terrible twos - luckily they never came.
2. walked 60 miles to help fight breast cancer - Go team Fight Like a Girl!
3. got a job promotion

1 year ago I...
1. had a premature baby
2. got to learn how to share my time between two children
3. bought two new vehicles in one day - yikes!

So far this year I...
1. have gone to CA to see my great friend Leah get married
2. planned many home improvement projects - implementing will come soon!
3. created a blog!

Yesterday I...
1. cleaned the family room
2. passed up pizza for lunch (now that's a first)
3. got 3 things checked off on my to-do list

Today I...
1. spent the day participating in a new leader orientation pilot for work
2. ran 1.5 miles without stopping
3. stained 1/4 of the deck, made Amish friendship bread, packed for tomorrow

Tomorrow I...
1. will take the boys up to the lake for the weekend
2. will hopefully get to work on my tan - wait maybe I should say start on my tan
3. celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday

In the next year I...
1. plan to have all my home improvement projects done
2. will be anticipating the terrible twos
3. training for another 60 mile walk against breast cancer - Dee, Tammy, are we on?

your turn! slap this puppy on your blog and share your history!


jennycook said...

thanks for sharing! looking at it this way, time goes by so fast! :)

Mom of 2 said...

I started my little questionaire like this last night but didn't finish till this morning. No, I didn't have to sleep on any answers, but I'm laughing at how many of your answers could have been mine (Burger vs. Kerr) except, walking 60 miles. You go girl.... rock it.

jilldaisbrenne said...

Fun post... I just did mine.

Tammy said...

OK - mine's up. About that 3-Day, I'll have to get back to you!

Thanks for a fun meme. I love these!