Quick Update

I noticed I've been slacking on the blog lately. No real reason other than we've been busy with life.
Colton spent a long weekend up in SB with Grandpa and Grandma. They kept him busy and he apparently enjoyed himself as he cried for the first 15 minutes as we drove away. He wanted to stay longer ~ personally I think it had to do with the ice cream sandwiches he ate every night. ;)
I took Colton school shopping on Friday evening. I just get butterflies thinking that I have a kid that is going off to kindergarten!!!
Brett's been a busy little man. He's pulling himself up on everything and has now mastered going up the stairs. The kid still eats like a 15 year old. Anybody know any other kid that eats 2 packets of oatmeal and a banana everyday for breakfast?


Jill said...

Amazing how fast the summer always flies by, isn't it??
We never did get together, all of us summer campers, but we'll have to shoot for a weekend in the fall!

South American Sara said...

Where is SB?

A Day In The Life.... said...

SB is Silver Bay....on the lovely north shore of MN.