Public Service Announcement

This is for any of you that may happen to drive the same detour that I do on a daily basis as of Oct 1.
Apparently, Lawndale road is 40 mph...the WHOLE way. At least that is what the lovely police officer informed me of today.
It was 6:43am.....I was driving on a road that I've only taken once before when a car was coming towards me in the other lane. The red and blue lights flashed on, the car turned around and I looked down at my speedometer and remember something to the effect of 55 mph. I immediately pulled over and shut the car off knowing that those lights were for me.
Mr. Office ever so politely asked me if I knew what the speed limit was. I politely responded back, actually, I'm sorry I do not. I've never been on this road before (white lie) and now with the detour......blah blah blah. I'm guessing it's 50mph?
Nope. Not so much. The conversation continued for a few more seconds, he asked about my history...no speeding ticket or other violations since I was 18.....he goes back to the car runs my license and comes back without a ticket.
Needless to say. I followed the speed limit all the way to work and on the way home this afternoon.
Thank you Mr. Police Officer.


Jill said...

Oh, you KNOW its just cause you are so HOT! I hope you had a revealing shirt on!!

jenny said...

gotta love the empty hand coming back to the car!

Jaci said...

Thanks for the awesome Public Service Announcement. Now I'll just make sure to speed topless!

Tammy said...

Thanks for the warning...

I'm not sure which one is Lawndale, but yesterday I took different routes both to and from work. I'm just glad I didn't get lost!

South American Sara said...

I love how the comments from all of your readers has turned this post into ways the female anatomy can aid getting out of minor traffic violations. This is the public service announcement that keeps on giving