That Family......

Last night we were that family. We attempted to go somewhere half-way decent for dinner as we had a little reason to celebrate. As a promise to myself, I don't talk about work on here, but the celebration had to do with work and we'll just leave it at that.
Anyhow, I met Mike and the boys after work. Brett was in a great mood to start. Then he took a turn. A sharp turn. One might call it a nose dive in the wrong direction. He wanted nothing to do with sitting in a high chair. Nothing to do with his sippy cup. Nothing to do with the crayons.
We tried to entertain him....anything we gave him, he chucked across the room. He didn't just drop it on the floor, it was an all out throw. Thankfully they had a pumpkin on a hay bale and some lights and some gourds by us. That kept him busy for all of 3 minutes.
Luckily our lovely waitress put a rush on the boys' food. Then, not so luckily for us, Brett had about 6 bites and was ready to move on. Loud squeels, thrown food, embarrassed parents. Ugh.
Mike and I ate in record time while Colton waited paitenly after telling us he was full after one chicken strip. We apologized to our waitress, left a good tip and commented that we were those parents doing what we said we'd never do.
I have a feeling life will be full of these types of moments.....us being parents doing what we said we'd never do when we have kids.

PS - for any of you readers that dined at Maynards last night.....I'm sorry.


Mom of 2 said...

Haha... glad to know I'm not the only one:)
It's tough, but I've seen you in action, you rock at keeping your kids under control in a restaurant. So, I bet it wasn't even that bad!!

Jill said...

Oh, that would stink. Especially since it was supposed to be a "good" dinner. I swear I have never eaten a meal faster than I have since Gage started "moving". I inhale all of my food fast, just to be sure I get to eat, as I'm usually running around the restaurant after him (after the screaming/kicking/throwing gets old).
Get a sitter soon and go out w/ Mike, just the two of you, sip wine and eat caviar, and whisper bad things about all those parents that bring their dang kids to dinner in public!

Swanson Family said...

Thank you for sharing, although I can not imagine Brett this way, I am glad to know that we are not alone in trying to eat dinner and have a well behaved kid.

We should all get together one night with all of our kids and see how that goes... it would be good entertainment for all of us FOR SURE!

Jaci said...

My new motto is that when it happens to me (cuz it does all the time) is to just kind of roll with it--as hard as it is without breaking into a complete sweat. (and I don't know about Mike, but Cory's always waaaay more "aware" of the people around us). I figure, there have been times where I watch a kid pitch a royal fit in public & I just can't judge that mom. She's doing her best--kids are all about testing us. So now, I try to just throw "that family" a look of compassion & try to show that I've been there too--and will be again. Let's unite, try to be empathetic & let them know that their kid/kids aren't bothering me at my table.

I might live in a fairy tale, I know...pretending to be blissfully unaware & unaffected by my fussy kids. And that's why we usually eat at Perkins for a "Good night out" on Tuesdays with all the other parents whose kids are eating free. Uggg...Hopefully next time you'll get to enjoy your dinner out!!! :o) At least you can laugh about it later!

jenny said...

oh boy! it sucks being 'that' family. i haven't had too many of these incidents, but i'm sure i have my fair share ahead of me. super. by the way, congrats on whatever you might have been celebrating. :)