We took Mike's parents out for dinner last night. Mike's dad taught Mike how to fix some big house "issues" and helped him winterize our boat. Plus they are watching our kids (and my niece and nephew) on Saturday while all of us go gallivanting to our Halloween parties.
Anyhow, this time we went prepared. My purse was loaded with a full sippy cup, cookies, a nuk, you name it, I had it. We also selected a more family-type restaurant to ease our nerves. Brett was hysterical for the full hour and a half we were there. There was music bumpin, he was jammin, and he ate from the time he sat down to the time we left. Cookies, popcorn, breadsticks, 1/2 a full size cheeseburger, beans, corn.......the list goes on. He was just laughing and having a good ol' time. Heavenly.
Oh, and Colton ate his whole kids pizza as Grandpa bribed him with a dollar to go play the shooting game if he ate all his food. I must mention that he's got a good shot. One moose and seven turkeys. He was jazzed!
A pleasent evening out. Halleluja!


Jill said...

Doesn't it just make you wonder if the presence of the grandparents have something to do with it?? I really dislike taking Gage out to eat right now in public, but last week when my mom was with, he was an ANGEL. Ate his entire meal, without trying to crawl out of the highchair and absolutely no screaming.

Maybe we could rent our parents (or other peoples' parents) every time we want to go out to eat. Interesting concept, eh??

Swanson Family said...

Glad to hear it went much better this time! God bless Grandparents!

avanbeck said...

Hi Leah - I located your blog from another friends blog - how ironic. This is Amy Van Beck from SCSU - here is a link to our blog http://thevanbecks.blogspot.com/ and here is my email avanbeck@antioch.com - Great to see things are going well for you