Yes, It's Lady's Night!

The beezatches.....front row: Jaci and Marilyn back row left to right: Leah, Leah, Lynn and JillAhhhh, girls night. I really look forward to these being that I'm surrounded by boys at my house. We always have way too much yummy food and not enough wine. ;)
My belly always hurts the next day from laughing so hard. These girls are hilarious!
  • Thank you to Leah (not me) for hosting this last one! Your lasagna was a hit!
  • Jill, my sliver of garlic bread was to die for!
  • Jaci, thank you for reliving the dance move of the night at Marilyn and Neil's wedding - hope you didn't pull a muscle.
  • Lynn - I can't wait to see your new hair cut...be sure to blog about it!
  • Marilyn - Thank you for letting us feel your belly. I still think it's a girl!

If you want to see the other versions of the night, check out Jill's, Jaci's or Marilyn's blog.


Jaci said...

Seriously the back of my legs are throbbing today from my "yoga" or "dance moves". Whatever!!! Next time someone HAS to stop me. I cannot keep doing that. :o)

Jill said...

I think that my sore ribs from laughing were from your dance pose. God, that was SO FUNNY!

Jill said...

I'm going to JCP's tomorrow to see if I can find those cute Levi's you had on. I am going to try to jump up and touch my toes in them (if I find them) to make sure I've found the "perfect" pair! :)

Mom of 2 said...

OMG.... sounds like you had fun. So much fun you think you don't have to update your blog in a week?? hehe....
I'm jealous:)