Busy Weekend

We had a wonderful, busy weekend:

1. I got to see the new baby Bree and

2. the almost new baby Lucy with whom I share a birthday with.

3. The Auxiliary at work put on a children's holiday party on Saturday. We took the kids and they had a great time. They made reindeer food, a snowman necklace, got tattoos and Colton transformed himself into Rudolph:

Brett wasn't into the crafts as he preferred the sugar cookies and a quick visit to see The Grinch and CindyLou Who: (Colton wouldn't go anywhere near the green guy - can't say I blame him - he does look quite creepy)

4. Sunday was Colton's Sunday School Christmas program. He did a fabulous job signing. He just looks so handsome if I do say so myself


Swanson Family said...

Colton sure does look handsome!!! and I don't blame either for not going by the grinch, he looks pretty creepy!!!

Jaci said...

The reindeer photo made me laugh out loud. that's one for his high school graduation, too cute.